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Creating the new Swiss Standard for Digital Trust

The revolution in SME risk assessment

We make the gold standard for SME evaluation available to everyone in the market. Banks, Industry and SMEs themselves can now benefit from a transparent, fair and easily accessible standard.

Reduced uncertainty. Increased efficiency. Better decisions.


One Solution

For All

Our risk assessments are ready for use in any context, from banking to trade credit to your everyday business partner evaluation.



Our evaluations are taking the specific details of SMEs into account by combining multiple assessment approaches.

Easy, Fast

& Open

Our evaluations are easy to understand and use, they are available for all SMEs and it only takes minutes to get a full report.



Our solution is built with a clear focus on the digital world. Ready to simplify processes and help you be more efficient.

Our Solutions

All our solutions are enabled by our revolutionary SME risk evaluation approach.

CoRa Certificate

The new Swiss Standard for Digital Trust

OnLoan for Banks

Our software suite tailored specifically for use in banking

OnLoan for SMEs

Loan eligibility information for SMEs - fast, anonymous & free

coming soon...

Business Plan Tool

Our digital tool supporting conversations with business customers



created with our engine


used our online loan process


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We are constantly working on new ways to improve SME risk assessment. Our goal is to always provide the most truthful representation of reality for any SME.



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matthias [at] ratyng.com



Commercial & Operations
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The new Swiss Standard for Digital Trust

CoRa Certificate

Created in collaboration with our partner Intrum, CoRa revolutionizes SME credit rating, creates transparency and offers benefits for SMEs as well as their business partners.

Our digital certificate, evaluates SMEs and allows them to communicate their reliability without disclosing sensitive financial data. At the same time, the CoRa certificate allows SME business partners to rate the SME much more easily and reliably than any other option currently available. The CoRa Certificate: the new Swiss standard for digital trust.

go to cora-certificate.ch for more details.
Online Loans for SME

Our software suite tailored specifically for use in banking

IntegrationOne line of Code.

DesignJust as your website.

PrivacyHosted exclusively in Switzerland.

OnLoan provides banks and other lenders the ability to offer true online business loans. With a few clicks and a handful of inputs, businesses can anonymously check not only if getting a loan is an option, but also what interest rate applies. The full loan application (including risk assessment) can be completed in a couple of minutes.

go to onloan.ch for more details.
Online Marketplace for Bank Financing to SMEs

Onloan for SMEs

SMEs often find getting a loan cumbersome. 8% of Swiss SMEs could use a loan, but never even apply for one. Our SME Loan Calculator helps SMEs answer the question if they are eligible for a loan. It is 100% anonymous, provides immediate feedback and best of all: it is completely free of charge.

The Ratyng SME Loan Calculator will be launched soon...
The digital tool to support business customer conversations


The annual discussion with your business customers is a great opportunity to recap the last year and make plans for the next. Our Business Plan Tool (BTP) supports your conversation by guiding it along relevant topics, visualizing past financials, offering easy options for modelling future scenarios and much more.

The BPT combines 7 modules to support the conversation:

Dashboard provide a short overview of the customer and start into your conversation

Dialogues highlight relevant topics for the conversation

Diagrams visualize key figures and link them to dialogue topics

Working Capital Simulation show the impact of working capital on cash flow

Industry Benchmarks compare key figures with other companies from the industry

Debt Capacity determine the potential for additional financing

Scenarios develop a sustainable scenario and discuss investments opportunities to increase growth or reduce costs

Seamlessly integrated into your system, design and relying on existing data, the Business Plan Tool brings the conversations with your customers to the next level.

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