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We make credit risk evaluation simple.

Highly efficient & accessible SME risk assessment

We provide the financial industry highly efficient & accessible SME risk assessment, without the need for complex and time-consuming processes.

Reduced uncertainty. Increased efficiency. Better decisions.

The reinvention of credit risk assessment for the digital world.


User Process

Our service is built with a clear focus on the digital world: Fully automated & easy-to-use.


Rating Engine

Our models produce the same output quality as bank models, with 10x less inputs.


Software Suite

Our engine is accompanied by a wide range of supporting software solutions, tailored to specific use-cases.

Fast & Easy


Integrate our solution with literally a single line of code and in minutes.

OnLoan is our ratyng-powered solution that digitizes the SME loan process for banks. It seamslessly integrates into the bank website and is fully customizable.






Product & Tech
matthias [at] ratyng.com



Commercial & Operations
volker [at] ratyng.com

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Online Loans for SME

IntegrationOne line of Code.

DesignJust as your website.

PrivacyHosted exclusively in Switzerland.

Launch1-3 Months

Onloan gives financial institutions the ability to offer actual online business loans. With a few clicks and just a handful of inputs, business can anonymously check not only if getting a loan is an option, but also what rates they could expect. If desired, the loan application can be completed in a couple of minutes.

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OnLoan GmbH

Zürichbergstrasse 38

8044 Zürich

Represented by the managing directors: Volker Haushalter & Matthias Schaller


E-mail: hi@onloan.ch